Industrial Mezzanines

We develop design and calculation of industrial mezzanines tailored to customer needs and the logistics facility that would house on it

These types of solutions have great advantages such a:

Totally tailored design based on use, needs and available spaces.
Fully removable and modular structure, quick and easy assembly.
Maximum use of space in height
Versatility of use:
  • Storage
  • Complementation with different shelving systems
  • Logistic installation support
  • Offices and retail industry
Floor: Depending on the conditions of final use we can make different types of floors
  • Wood panels with structural characteristics and fire protection specifications.
  • Wood panels plus steel sheet.
  • Steel grating and single steel sheet
  • Steel deck slab.
Within the mezzanines we develop different elements complementary to the mezzanine:
  • Stairs and tower stairs
  • Tilt and turn rails for loading and unloading mezzanine
  • Safety fences
  • Stepovers and catwalks
  • Evacuations catwalks